Is The Denture Procedure Painful? 

People who have trouble with their teeth can live better lives with dentures. Dentures will give them temporary discomfort while they are being installed. But they give you the confidence back to chew, talk, and grin. Now, a common question is, “Are dentures painful?”. These kinds of doubts always keep some patients from benefiting from the treatment. Although no dental procedure is 100% pain-free, dentistry has significantly made progress in that area. 

Most people simply have mild discomfort that goes away in a few days rather than excruciating or severe pain. If getting dentures did not hurt at all, it would be a dream come true for many. But the truth is that there is some discomfort associated with every dental surgery. The good news is that the majority of pain instances do not last very long. Before starting the procedure with the Uptown Phoenix dentist, make sure you understand all the risks associated with it. 

Eating challenges and speech adjustments 

The very process of getting dentures may not be painful since you will be given anesthesia. However, what comes after may be bothersome. Getting used to eating with dentures can be a challenging task, and it takes time. Dentists recommend eating soft foods, such as mashed potatoes and boiled vegetables. 

Try chewing correctly on both sides of the mouth to avoid giving pressure to one single side. It is also recommended to cut food into small pieces and avoid taking big bites. Your speech may also be temporarily affected as the tongue and oral muscles adjust to the new teeth. Do not worry about it much. With speech exercises and reading practice, you can increase the adaptation process. 

Do Dentures Hurt? 

Partial Dentures: People who need to have a few teeth replaced because they are missing can have partial dentures. Although they do not hurt, you can have some trouble adjusting when you first put on your new dentures.

Full dentures: A complete denture necessitates the extraction of all teeth by the dentist. As such, this procedure is more painful than receiving partial dentures. Following the extraction, your gums could hurt. However, that should pass in a few days.

Implant-Retained Dentures:  These are the newest types of dentures that are implanted. With the use of implant screws, they can be fully or partially inserted in your mouth. Of all the denture operations, this one is said to be the most unpleasant.