Satisfying Alternatives –Foods to Beat Sugar Cravings

It is common to have some sugary dessert after a quality dinner. Many people often crave sweet items like cakes, biscuits, and soda. It is extremely common in women. According to research, 68% of the male and 97% of the female population crave sugary and juicy items. When you crave such items, you have a strong urge to eat that thing. 

However, if you do not control your urging, you might suffer from various diseases and may even gain a lot of weight. People who crave sweets often think about craving meals high in calories and proteins, such as chocolates. Fortunately, eating healthy and nutritious food will help you stop your excessive craving for sweets. Visit your Brookline general dentist today. 

Common foods that curb sugar cravings. 

  • Fruits. 

Most people often choose packaged and high-sugar items such as junk foods, soda, and chocolates. Instead of eating junk food, you can opt for juicy fruits that are not only healthy but also less calories alternative. Fruit items can kill your craving for sugar as it is naturally sweet. Also, they contain proteins, fibers, and other essential nutrients that make you healthy and full longer. Mangoes, bananas, and dates are some of the most common examples. 

  • Berries. 

Mango slices, kiwi, pineapple, etc., are much healthier choices than sugar when you crave something sweet. They are delicious and provide you with energy boosts, good flavor, and nutrients, and are a good source of fiber. This means that you can experience being full without eating a lot. Moreover, they also contain good amounts of water, aiding in hydration. It is recommended to have plenty of fruits, especially during the hot seasons.

  • Dark chocolates. 

When women crave sugar, they often reach out for chocolates to satisfy their craving. Chocolates are considered a healthy choice to fight sugar cravings. White chocolates contain a high amount of sugar. However, dark chocolates are just the opposite. These are much healthier options as they are made from 70% cocoa. They also have anti-inflammatory qualities that are important in maintaining good heart health. 

  • Avocado.

Avocados also contain dietary fiber, ensuring you feel full and get substantial nutritional benefits. Besides fixing sugar cravings, they provide you with other benefits as well, including reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Sugary items contain refined carbohydrates, which are extremely bad for your health. Substituting them with avocados suppresses your hunger, and cravings as well as gives you a balanced blood sugar profile.